Photo Apr 14, 6 37 28 PMIn the summer of 2008, while working a 60-hour/week job, I was somehow convinced to purchase, renovate, and refurbish a 1990 Volkwagen Vanagon. We tore down random felt pieces, removed the middle row of seats, recarpeted the front areas, installed bamboo flooring in the new camper area, built and installed a sink, fridge, 2 burners, solar panel, wooden counter, lights, and auxillary battery, and reupholstered the trunk and sleeping area.

It’s still a work-in-progress, as we haven’t gotten to repainting the terrible burnt sienna (better known as brown primer) exterior, fixing the back latch, or redoing the a/c. The swaying Hawaiian figurines are still waiting to be affixed too. But it’s traveled to the volcanic dirt of Lassen and the playa, to the tidepools of Mendocino, all around Big Sur and Monterey, to Yosemite and Lake Tahoe, up the Oregon coast, around Washington state, even to Idaho… and back again!