A project from Stanford’s ME377 Design Thinking Bootcamp: Experiences in Innovation and Design

MakePlay was a Stanford class group project, in response to a collaboration with DirecTV to “redesign the digital entertainment experience.” MakePlay stemmed from our commonly-found desire among parents of young children to find opportunities for both digital and hands-on play. During the needfinding and prototyping processes, many of our interviewees lamented the fact that play was becoming too digitally-focused — with young children staring at iPad screens for hours at a time. They celebrated and embraced the attractiveness and draw of digital technology while also wanting their children to have the opportunity to engage in open-ended, creative, physical play.

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Our Point-of-View statement, which incorporated the insight drawn from interviews and the intended audience of our product, was as follows:


Our product was a mix of digital technology and old-school arts and crafts, where kids are engaged via a fun, digital prompt to help on-screen animated characters (in our prototype, Pingu the penguin!) design, build, and create solutions to provided challenges.