Bike to Scale

Bike to Scale served as my final Master’s Project for my graduate program in Learning, Design, and Technology at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education.

Pedal your way to understanding energy!

Bike to Scale is a public science experience that engages learners, using a combination of digital and tangible tools, by connecting the physical exertion required of biking with graphical, embodied units and comparisons of energy use. It endeavors to establish a basis of understanding about energy, help construct meaning and relevancy to the learners’ own lives and actions, and trigger increased interest in this realm. With an ever-growing abundance of mixed messaging around sustainability, conservation, and renewable energy, Bike to Scale provides learners with a fun and engaging experience in an informal setting that sparks the learning.


Continued design and development on this project was affiliated with Stanford University’s REDLab research on family science learning. In 2013, we exhibited at the Lawrence Hall of Science, The Tech Museum, and many other sites!

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