I live in the Bay Area and spend my days trying to make an impact in K-12 education, scrambling around the mountains and cities nearby, and generally enjoying the 70-degree sunny weather that I’m so fortunate to wake up to.

tumblr_b&wMy work over the past 12+ years has been in experiential education, whether defined as STEM, STEAM, hands-on, project-based, or maker-centered. Overall, I am deeply interested in bridging formal and informal learning, working to best leverage the affordances of technology for learning, and designing inclusive, invigorating, and authentic environments for learning and teaching.

Beyond the focus on learning outcomes of youth and educator practices in the classroom, my work also encompasses organizational development and sustainability. Currently, my efforts with Maker Ed (makered.org) allows me to advocate for the work and field overall, telling the grassroots stories of impact and change.

In the past 6 years, I’ve focused specifically on maker-centered learning and makerspaces, supporting educators and institutions to best develop and integrate tools, curriculum, spaces, learning approaches, and facilitation in meaningful ways. Previously, I’ve worked in educational research and evaluation, designed curriculum, led science and technology summer programs, and taught environmental and marine science.

I hail from the deep South, by way of Texas, Florida, and Tennessee, but have spent the past 10+ years in Boston, Washington DC, and the San Francisco Bay Area. My academic background is in molecular biology and biomedical engineering, and though science and engineering are obvious passions of mine, I have thankfully discovered that I love teaching and learning about them more than actively working in the lab. So here I am, quite happily.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or ideas!


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