Home ownership is the ultimate test of a maker and learner. I forever bow down to the skills, competency, finesse, and expertise of contractors, foundation layers, rebar masters, carpenters, plumbers, stucco masters, and the list continues.

In a tiny home built in the 1920s, I have — with much much help — tackled (iteratively, for sure) the following list:

  • weeding. This is my bread-and-butter. I am never more simultaneously stubborn, zen-like, and frustrated than when I’m weeding.
  • foundation replacement
  • vegetable garden
  • back wall blowout, double window removal, and french door installation!
  • backyard deck, which accidentally included subfloor replacement and sheer wall removal, as well as concrete mixing by hand, sledgehammering, tropical wood research, stair building, and more
  • landscape design
  • heater replacement
  • sewer lateral
  • interior plaster removal
  • drywall installation
  • painting
  • trim
  • repeat most of the above
  • toilet replacement
  • caulking forever
  • sink plumbing and faucet replacement
  • washer-dryer stacking
  • electrical rewiring
  • building new furniture
  • wait till we redo the kitchen and bathroom and build a backyard glassblowing studio!